Snowy Mountains Truffles

Snowy Mountains Truffles

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Cool Climate Black Truffles grown in the perfect environment in Australia to create a superior truffle aroma. Truffles like hot summers and cold winters with an abundance of frosts to bring on the maturity of the truffle and enhance the truffle aroma.

Snowy Mountains Truffles is in the heart of The Snowy Mountains on The Alpine Way south west of Jindabyne. At 1100m elevation and just 27 kilometres from Mt Kosciuszko, we are producing "High Country" Black Perigord Truffles.

Snowy Mountains Truffles is a member of The Australian Truffle Grower's Association and since 2006 we have attended many workshops and seminars on all aspects of truffle growing, finding the truffle, truffle grading, caring for and preparing truffle.

Truffles are used by the best chefs all over the world to create exquisite truffle dishes with fresh truffle. There is no great mystery in using truffle to cook delicious meals and many easy ways of using truffle that simply cannot fail. See our recipe page to inspire your confidence in cooking with truffle and create a delicious truffle dining experience in your own home.

Truffles must be eaten FRESH, the sooner the better but within 10-12 days of harvest, to really experience them at their best. There is no comparison between fresh black truffle and preserved or frozen truffle and truffle oil is actually synthetically made, not the real thing at all.

Truffles are used in small amounts, usually shaved into or onto dishes The best way to use truffles is to infuse them as shavings or grated into cheese, butter, eggs, cream and sauces. Cooking with truffles generally only requires around 10 grams of truffle per person for a main course and less for an entree, making them a perfectly affordable delicacy.