Snowy Mountains Heating and Cooling

Snowy Mountains Heating and Cooling

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More for Your Money!

Snowy mountains Heating & Cooling offer a comprehensive service for our valued customers including:

System Design



Warranty and After Sales Service

You won't be forgotten about when you walk out the door with your purchase. We will INSTALL your system for you AND our ongoing After Sales Backup & Support service is in place to complement the purchase of your climate control system for any warranty repairs or general maintenance needs.

Snowy Mountains Heating & Cooling provide a customised service to help our customers make an educated decision about heating, air-conditioning or evaporative cooling systems for their homes or commercial property. We deal direct with the manufacturers so our prices are competitive too.


Our heating and air-conditioning suppliers for products suitable to the Snowy Mountains unique climate include:

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
Pellet Experts

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