Kerry Beer Photography

Kerry Beer Photography

Creative Arts & Photography, Professional Services

From an early age I have had a camera in my hands. I often took good photos, but it was more luck than any knowledge I had about photography that produced those early good ones.. I knew I had a reasonable 'eye' for composition but got frustrated and confused with exposure, f stops, apertures etc...

When digital photography came in I loved it! If I made a mistake it didn't cost an arm and a leg in printing costs. Loved the delete button! Now I could practice more and I determined to conquer those pesky f stops and understand more about what ISO means!

Three and a half years ago I met and married the love of my life, my second husband, Peter. Moving from the Gold Coast to the Snowy Mountains was the best move ever, and I decided I would get into the photography business for real, (with much encouragement from Peter).

So here I am now,  photographing newborn babies, and more recently, real estate. In my portfolio are some samples of photo restoration which is very satisfying.

I love the artistic side of photography but more importantly I simply love creating great memories of important times in people's lives and making them happy.

It makes my heart feel good when I receive comments from people that they see the passion I have show in my photos.