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Be 'Winter Ready' in your Business with Help from the Jindabyne Chamber of Commerce

Access Human Resources and Marketing Services from Jindabyne Chamber of Commerce Members, Kath Harris, Profitable People and Fiona Latham-Cannon, Tall Red Poppy Marketing.

Business Management in the mountains is a full time job! Allocating time to interview staff, deal with employment compliance, update your website or schedule a winter advertising campaign are ...Read more

Small Businesses in Jindabyne deserve "a pat on the back" for their support of the Jindabyne Community.

Without the continued and generous support of small business and their advocates at the Jindabyne Chamber of Commerce, many community events and local facilities simply would not exist. One of the best things about living in a small regional town where Tourism plays such a big part in the local economy, is that businesses and community alike, are passionate about making sure ...Read more